How to Backup and Restore Your Windows in Just 10 Minutes?

If anytime your windows get corrupt, then you don’t need to worry, as it is one of the most basic and common problems occurs during the time you are working on your windows. Generally, when a window gets corrupted users are choosing a very long and time-taking procedure which is the process of restoration. However, the process of reinstalling windows along with your more tedious used software and though with basic hardware drivers can take almost an hour to complete it. We suggest you a software name which will help you in reinstalling the windows easily and the name of the software is Acronis True Image.

The edge of this software is very fairly and also quite user-friendly. Acronis True Image is one of the very powerful software which helps you in creating backup data, and then restore it whenever the users required.

Acronis True Image is the best alternatives for the Windows restoration process. It allows their users to back up the complete logical drive, storing the Windows files along with the installed software.

If in case your windows get corrupt, then Acronis can automatically restore all your OS to that position when you last made a backup. So before creating a backup, you need to be sure that it is created in some other storage media or might be in some other drive. If not, then there may be higher chances that your backup files getting corrupted or destroyed.

Steps to Create Backup

  1. Firstly, boot your system With the Acronis Bootable CD.
  2. Now, choose the option Acronis True Image.
  3. Then, the system will reboot by using Acronis True Image bootable media.
  4. Under the section back up, click on the My Disks option to create a backup of your system.
  5. On the partitions to the backup window, carefully check the checkboxes which representing the drives which are to be backed up.
  6. Click on the Next to continue the process.
  7. Now, you are on the Target backup archive window.
  8. Under the Target Selection section, choose and click on the Create new backup archive radio button to create a new backup.
  9. Click on the Browse button; appear under the Backup Location section.
  10. Now, browse for a location for the new backup and also state the name of the file.
  11. Again, back on the Target backup archive Window, click on the Next to continue the process.
  12. Click on the Proceed; on the next window.
  13. Now, wait for few minutes until the Acronis creates the backup of your system.

Steps to Restore System

  1. Firstly, boot your system with the Acronis bootable CD.
  2. Choose the Acronis True Image option.
  3. Then, your system will reboot by using the Acronis True Image.
  4. Click on My Disks option to recover the drive of the system; appearing under the Recover section.
  5. Click on the Browse and then locate the backup file, TIB extension.
  6. Once the backup file is located, go back to the previous window and clicks on the Next tab.
  7. On the Choose recovery method window, click to choose to Recover the full disk and partitions radio button.
  8. Click on the Next button.
  9. Now, on the Select the items to recover window, check the checkboxes which represent the drives which are to be recovered.
  10. Click on the Next to continue the process.
  11. Now, exit everything as default and click on the Next button.
  12. Lastly, on the summary window, click on the proceed tab to start the system drive recovery.
  13. When it is completed, start removing the Acronis bootable media from the device.
  14. Then, restart the computer.

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