How to Optimizethe iPhone X Experience

iPhone X is more high-tech as compared to other Apple devices. It has more demand than other Smartphones. You might be confused by how to set up your phone without a home button and notice many other features have been moved around.

To help you to set up your iPhone easily and we compiled the many best-hidden tips that help you to know about your iPhone X.

How to Unlock the New iOS Devices

After Face ID is set up, this process will feel perfect most of the time.

  • Swipe the screen up by clicking the screen or using the lift to wake it up.
  • Look at the screen to unlock your gadget by using Face ID.
  • Move up from the end of your Lock screen to go to the Home screen.

In case, your Face ID is not able to unlock your phone, lift from the end of the screen to try Face ID again or to type your password instead. After typing your password, it will automatically go to the Home page or whatever application you had opened on the last.

How to Open Home Screen on New iOS Devices

  • With the help of any application, lift from the end of your display to go back to Home screen.

This lift up movement quickly becomes natural; in case you want a visual indicator, go through the small bar given at the end of the display. 

How to Go to Control Center and Notification Center on New iOS devices

The edge at the top of the iOS differentiates a right and left corner of the display.

  • To go to the Control Center, move down from the top right of the display.
  • To go to Notifications, move down from the top left side of the screen.

How to Use Siri on New iOS Devices

  • Press and hold the Side tab which is called as the Sleep and Wake tab to connect to Siri.

How to Get Apple Pay on iOS Devices

  • Double click the Side tab to go to Apple Pay.
  • Look at your iOS display to confirm with Face ID lock.

In case Apple Pay doesn’t appear when the Side tab is double-clicked, it means you have not entered your credit card details with Apple Pay. Check if your credit card details disappeared while setting up your new phone or you have not permitted it in the settings. You can fix this issue with the following steps:

  • Go to the Setting application.
  • Choose Face ID and password.
  • Enable Apple Pay to use Face ID.

How to Take a Screenshot without Using Home Button

  • Press and release the Side tab and Volume Up tab.

How to Turn On the One- Handed Keyboard with Reachability on iOS devices

Reachability on the Apple devices makes the top half of your display reachable with the help of one hand by removing the lower half and going on the top of the screen down. Reachability is disabled by default on the iOS device. To enable Reachability to go through the following steps:

  • Go to the Settings application.
  • Choose General.
  • Press Accessibility.
  • Turn on Reachability.
  • Go down at the end of the display to activate Reachability.

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