How to Stop Automatic Updates on Windows 10

Windows 10 has been designed to update automatically, but it also provides a couple of ways to manage the way your computer gets feature updates and system.

Sometime, you might have faced Automatic Update Notifications in your windows 10 like:

  • Install updates
  • Download Updates
  • Check for updates

This time you should know that because of default, Windows Store apps are put on your shoulders to update automatically. If you don’t have sufficient storage space in your device, and your internet connectivity is also not much good. So you would surely want to disable the updates.

The automatic Store app updates can quickly be turned off if you want. Here we show you how:- 

  1. Open the Microsoft Store App
  2. Click on the option button
  3. And select the Settings option
  4. Go to “App Updates” section
  5. Then, disable the “Update apps ”

Now, if you ever want to get the updates, you will have to update them manually. It can also be done easily. Here we tell you how:-

  1. Click the option button
  2. Select “Downloads and updates” from the menu options
  3. And then tap on “Get updates” button
  4. You will get a list of apps with available updates
  5. Then you can update them by yourself or all of them at once

If you have set up your system, where you have a limited amount of data usage to turn off system updates, it’s all worthless. It is also going to stop Store apps from updating. In all-purpose, you need to keep everything latest and up-to-date on your Windows system. Microsoft has been trying to make it convenient and more accessible for the users by updating your core OS and also apps update in the background automatically. We can also know that company is providing control, to either turn off the updates or to postpone them for a more suitable time.

We are hoping that this blog will surely help you to know more about automatic updates on windows 10.

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