How to use Home Basic Buttons of iPhone X

Probably the most significant change introduced with new iPhone X was the removal of Home button. Ever since the debut of iPhone, the Home button had been the only switch at the front of the phone. It is also the most prominent button. It was the single button used for returning to the Home screen, for accessing multitasks, for taking screenshots and much more activities were to be performed with that. These things still can be done with iPhone X, but the way to do them is entirely different. Pressing a button now is replaced with a bundle of new gestures that perform the same functions.

  • What is the way to Unlock the iPhone X

Awakening the new iPhone X from deep sleep also known with the name of unlocking it is still easy. It doesn’t include so many steps. You just need to pick the phone up and swipe it up from below. What is the screen going to show next entirely depends on your settings. If there is no passcode, you will be on the Home screen. If your phone is secured with a passcode, face ID is going to identify your face and will get access to the home screen. Your settings don’t really matter, unlocking an iPhone only takes a simple swipe.

  • How to return to Home screen?

Returning to the Home screen with the help of a physical button only requires pushing a button. So now there is no button, returning to Home screen is easy. Swipe up shortly from the bottom of the screen. A longer swipe will do some other thing, but a quick move will take you out of the app, and you will be back to the Home screen.

  • How to get to iPhone X Multitasking View

On the previous iPhones, clicking double on the Home Button will bring up a multitasking view that will help you in seeing all the opened apps. You can now quickly switch to new apps and quite the running ones. With iPhone X, the view is still similar, but it’s different to access. Swipe from bottom to about third way up towards the screen. It may seem a little messy at first, but it is almost like the shorter swipe that will take you to Home Screen. If you get towards right on the screen, your iPhone will start vibrating, and other apps will appear at left.

  • Switching Apps without the help of Multitasking

Removing the Home button introduces a new feature that doesn’t have existence on other models. In spite of opening the multitasking view from the last item to change apps, you can also switch to new following a simple swipe. At the lowest point, with lines at the bottom. Swipe left or right. Now you will jump to previous or the next app from multitasking view; It is a much faster and simpler way to move.

  • Power on or off

For turning on, press and hold side button till the logo of Apple is visible. For turning off, simply press and hold side button and either of the volume button until the slider appears. Just slide to power off now.

  • Wake and sleep

Tap to wake your iPhone X. For putting your iPhoneX to sleep, press side button.

  • Use Siri

Speak “Hey Siri” and press and hold the side button.

  • Install apps

If you select an app in App store, click double the side button to install it.

If want a Home Button, add one with the help of Software.

Still want your iPhone to have a home button? It’s not possible to have a hardware button, but it’s easy to get one with the help of software. For enabling Assistive Touch:

  • Tap Settings
  • Tap General
  • Tap Accessibility
  • Tap Assistive Touch
  • Move Assistive Touch slider to green, and a button will appear on the screen that can perform some Home button’s task.

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